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What is a Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress?

Longer and wider than a Full size, but narrower than a King size, a Queen sized mattress is 60″ wide and 80″ long. It is the same length as a regular King, but 4″ shorter than a California King. The standard mattress sizes are as follows:

— 27” X 52” — 68.5cm X 132cm
Twin — 39” X 75” — 96.5cm X 190.5cm
Twin XL — 39” X 80” — 96.5cm X 203.5cm
Full — 54” X 75” — 134.5cm X 190.5cm
Queen — 60” X 80” — 152.5cm X 203.5cm
King — 76” X 80” — 193cm X 203.5cm
Cal King — 72” X 84” — 183cm X 213.5cm

Queen and King sizes were introduced in the 1940s by American mattress manufacturers. Twin and Full sizes were the norm then. The new standards did not gain popularity for another decade, however. Bed Times Magazine provides a History of King and Queen Mattress Sizes here.

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Why Choose Memory Foam?

Memory foam provides a number of advantages over standard coil mattresses. The material is at once both firm (providing proper support) and yet able to conform to the body shape of the user, thus evenly distributing one’s weight on the mattress. This property, known as visco-elasticity, varies based on the particular manufacturing method used. For a more in-depth look at the production and science of memory foam, see our dedicated page: What is Memory Foam?

How expensive are Memory Foam Mattresses?

A queen size memory foam mattress on sale will -on average- come at a higher price point than a similar spring coil brand. But there is a wide price variation since the technology is now used by numerous manufacturers, allowing for marketplace competition. Below are our featured brands. We have dedicated pages reviewing a number of manufacturers.

Isn’t Memory Foam Unhealthy?

There are now numerous ways to manufacture memory foam. However, the base material is polyurethane. To this gas is infused to create a foam. Other substances, such as various forms of gel, can be added to produce particular characteristics in the resulting material, such as greater aeration or cooling. Memory foam has, over the years, developed a negative reputation due to the phenomenon of off-gassing, whereby foul smelling chemicals used in manufacture evaporate from the material, sometimes producing headaches or allergies. However, there are now many advanced methods of manufacture which avoid this problem entirely. For more on possible health problems, see our dedicated article: Is Memory Foam Toxic?

Are There Different Types of Memory Foam?

There have been great advances in the last decade in the production of mattresses and products in the bedding category. In the case of memory foam, many differing production methods are now used to provide a wide variety of materials. Gel infused products; metal infused foam; combinations with material such as latex are all now possible. Thus it is now easy to obtain mattresses that have a cooling effect on your body or that absorb and nullify the motion of a partner lying on the bed with you, to give two examples. Click here for more on Gel Memory Foam Mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

There are several ways in which a memory foam mattress is superior to a standard coil model. The advantages include:

  • Superior Motion Isolation: Motion isolation is the property of limiting how far disturbances (motion) on one area of a mattress transmit through the product.
  • Superior Comfort through Weight Distribution: Because of its ability to conform to the shape of the person lying on it memory foam distributes that person’s weight evenly.
  • Superior Heat Retention: Memory foam tends to have poor ventilation. It does not allow for free air flow. As such it often traps the heat of the user’s body temperature.
  • Durability: Good quality mattresses of this type will retain their sturdiness for up to a decade.
  • Ideal for Pain Management: For those with conditions where the weight of an injured or diseased body part on a regular mattress produces discomfort, memory foam offers a much better option.

We have a detailed look at each of these advantages in our dedicated page on Memory Foam Benefits.

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress Sale Prices

Memory foam mattresses come at a higher price point than standard inner coil spring models. This is understandable given the higher cost of manufacture. Within the niche, prices vary widely depending on the type of foam used, the material of the layers of the product as well as whether the mattress is entirely of memory foam rather than a hybrid.

A queen size model, even on sale, can range in price anywhere from a low in the range of $150 to highs in the range of $2,000 for luxury brands. We are featuring here, models across the full price spectrum.

Note: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with some companies mentioned on this site. We may earn compensation from the companies mentioned here.

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses on Sale: Budget Prices

Two excellent sources for purchasing low priced mattress models are Amazon and Walmart. Both offer free and fast shipping and provide you with numerous reviews from consumers who have actually purchased the product. There is the tendency to believe that lower priced mattresses are of low quality, however, a number of the budget brands available come with excellent reviews and favorable vendor return privileges.

Amazon.com has a large number of budget priced offers, many at remarkably low prices. Add to this, free shipping and fast processing (one or two day shipping turnaround on many items for subscribers of the companies Prime package) and it is very difficult to beat this etailer as a primary bargain option:

Click here to the full range of Budget Memory Foam Mattress Offers on Sale at Amazon.com

Walmart.com also has a large number of similar discount priced offers, with perhaps an even larger inventory. Free shipping and fast processing is available here as well.

Click here to the full range of Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress Offers on Walmart.com

Also below are three bargain priced queen size memory foam mattress models we recommend:

Queen Size Mattress Luxury Brands

Please Note: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with some companies mentioned on this site. We may earn compensation from the companies mentioned here.

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Click Here to Our Nectar Mattress Review or Click Image Below to Purchase Item at NectarSleep

queen size memory foam mattress for sale
Luxury Queen Size Mattress Affordably Priced at $799

Layla Mattress

Click Here to Our Layla Mattress Reviews or Click Image Below to Purchase Item at LaylaSleep

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress Sale

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Click Here to Our DreamCloud Mattress Review or Click Image Below to Purchase Item at DreamCloudSleep

DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress Queen for Sale

Bear Mattress

Click here to our Bear Mattress Review or Click Image Below to Purchase Item at Bear Mattress

queen size memory foam mattress sale from Bear
Bear Mattress Queen Size; $840

Nolah Original 10 Memory Foam Mattress

Nolah Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress: $894

Usable on Any Flat Surface
Can be used on any type of bed frame such as box spring, platform, slatted base, foundation or adjustable bases.

Cooling and Pressure Relief
Provides 4x less peak pressure on hips, shoulders, and back compared to high-end memory foam. It is 100% temperature neutral.

Cooling Nolah AirFoam™
2” AirFoam™ provides superior pressure relief. It keeps you cool and also contours perfectly to your body without trapping you in as standard memory foam does.

Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam
Has a 1” support layer that is even stronger and more durable than latex. Healthy and responsive bounce for peaceful sleep.

High-Density Base Memory Foam
7” of the best U.S. made high-density breathable base foam that reinforce the support and contouring of the upper layers.

Natural Viscose Cover
Custom-made ultra soft and breathable cover that removes moisture and keeps you cool and dry all night.

The Ideal Medium Firmness
Excellent for side and back sleepers, it is highly rated by experts for its superior pressure relief and superb back support. It feels like sleeping on a firm supportive foundation with a soft cushioning top.

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