Best Queen Mattress Under 1000 Dollars

The queen size is the most popular mattress size for consumers. It offers ample room for both a single sleeper and also for couples. It is therefore appropriate for many bedrooms including a master bedroom. Luxury mattresses come at a premium cost, but it is still possible to obtain a high quality product without having to break the bank. We feature here options for the best queen mattress under 1000 dollars from some of the most respected and best reviewed manufacturers and retailers online

To begin with, below are the standard mattress sizes:

Brooklyn Chill Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Brookyn Chill Affordable Mattress

The Brooklyn Chill is made up of several foam layers as shown below. The material uses open cell technology allowing for excellent air flow. This results in dissipation of heat and resultant cooling. It is composed of a protective, stain-resistant fabric in the upper layer followed by a layer of premium gel memory foam. This gives the product superior contouring and offers relief to the pressure points of the sleeper’s body. The mattress comes in a variety of thicknesses: 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″

Mattress Layers:

Brooklyn Bedding Queen Mattress Layers

Product comes with a covering of an environmentally-friendly Nano Stain Terminator finish. This is superb protection against dirt and stains of all sorts including from spills and splashes.

The upper layers are manufactured with gel swirl memory foam. This results in a more responsive material with additional cooling properties.

The base foam is customizable. There is variety depending on the thickness of the mattress opted for. This creates differing levels of firmness for the various thickness models:

The 6” and 8” versions are for stomach or back sleepers and offer a firm and firm-medium comfort level, respectively.

The 10” version is dual-layer, producing a medium-firm product ultimately. The increased thickness does provide added contouring and thus, more relief to pressure points.

The 12″ and 14” mattresses are triple layered. They both contain a VariFlex™ transition foam layer as a buffering layer to the high-density bottom layer. The 12” is medium in firmness, while the 14” is a soft-medium with significant contouring resulting in a cloud-like experience.

The Brooklyn Chill is manufactured using Open cell technology in every foam layer. This results in superior breathability allowing air to flow and to dissipate heat..

10-year warranty and a 120-night risk free trial.

Average Queen Price: $600

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The Idle Mattress: Priced Well Under 1000 Dollars

idle queen mattress under 1000 dollars

A new standard in memory foam
The Idle mattress utilizes cooling gel technology to produce a memory foam of superb quality that also offers great comfort through contouring. A preferred choice when looking for the best queen mattress under 1000 dollars.

Dreamy plushness
The Idle comes with a minimum of 12 inches of memory foam across the entire range of models. It’s allows the mattress to be both supportive and yet feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Made of High Quality Natural Products
A covering of Tier-1 450GSM+ fibre. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is a measure of the quality of the material used. It feels excellent on the skin consistent with its high grade.

Trial period of 18 months
Beating the industry standard, Idle give you a year and a half to try out their product risk-free.

Endless warranty
The warranty is perpetual and even covers body impressions.

No questions asked free returns
If you decide not to keep the mattress you can return it easily free of charge.

Highly durable foundation
The Idle is manufactured with a 2.4lb base, greater than the industry standard, which is 1.8lb.

Mattress Layers:

Mattress Cover
A washable superior quality quilted 450GSM cover which works with the body’s natural body heat. it allows you to feel warm when it is cold and yet cools you down when you are hot.

Cotton Barrier
Certified natural cotton which is fire resistant and free of the chemicals found in so many other brands. There is no polyester or cancer causing chemicals or toxins used in production.

3″ of foam with cooling properties
Idle uses a unique foam with an added gel infusion. This natural buoyancy foam is more reactive than standard memory foam. So it offers greater support and excellent pressure relief.

2″ of supportive transition foam
This layer is made up of material with perforated holes. This induces breathability and makes the mattress more responsive.

Supportive Foam Base
This layer is 7″ of high density foam of 2.4lb core density. It provides great durability superior to that offered by other manufacturers.

Fire retardant material
This is a 100% natural cotton product certified free of toxins and cancer causing agents such as Toxins, HCN, HCI, and Bromine

Bottom Covering
A protective cover which is convenient to unzip in order to clean the mattress. It is washable and durable.

Average Queen Price: $695

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SleepEZ Roma Queen Latex Mattress

A dual sided 2-in-1 mattress
When shopping for the best mattress under 1000 dollars, one finds that many mattress retailers will attempt to offer you a one-size-fits-all option. However, ones comfort level preference can change over time. What makes the SleepEZ queen unique is that it is a flippable mattress: medium on one side and firm on the opposite side. This is a product one buys for life, so it is helpful to understand that ones needs and preferences regarding comfort level can change with time and with aging. You can simply adjust the SleepEZ Queen for your sleep needs by flipping it.

Made of pure Dunlop latex
Latex can be declared as natural while containing only 85% actual latex. However SleepEZ only manufactures with 100% pure natural latex directly obtained from its suppliers. There are no synthetic additions, making the SleepEZ a wonderful option when shopping for the best queen mattress under 1000 Dollars

CertiPUR-US certified cotton cover
CertiPUR-US certification guarantees the quality of the organic cotton used for this cover. The material is farmed using no chemicals. It is a healthy product that causes less problems with allergy sufferers. Additionally, it does not exude odors which are a primary source of complaints by many consumers.

Average Queen Price: $795

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Bear: Best Queen Mattress Under 1000 Dollars

bear queen mattress under 1000 dollars

Bear Original Features – Layers:

bear mattress layers
  1. Breathable cover manufactured with Celliant technology. Ideal for athletes.
  2. A layer of Graphite-Gel Memory Foam specifically designed to dissipate body heat and provide cooling.
  3. A layer of contouring transition foam. It perfectly configures around the body of the sleeper providing perfect pressure relief and even support.
  4. A bottom layer of High-Density Support Foam that gives great durability to this mattress.

Cooling effects during sleep
Manufactured with a graphite gel memory foam that pulls heat away from the body and distributes it away from the sleeper.

Adapts regardless of your sleep position
The advantage of a responsive memory foam is that it quickly contours to the body shape of the user. This gives balanced support without uncomfortable pressure points resulting from lesser brands

Stay cool throughout the night
Open-cell technology produces mattress material that generates airflow. So there is no concentration of heat around the body. It is directed away and out. This creates an ideal cooling effect.

Manufactured with healthy, certified materials
The Bear Original Mattress comes with UL Greenguard Gold certification. This is an exceptionally high standard guaranteeing that the product is free of chemical pollutants, including formaldehyde, phthalates ond volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Average Queen Price: $750

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Layla Memory Foam Mattress

layla under $1,000 matress

The secret to Copper Foam
Layla mattresses are unique because of the use of copper foam. This results from an infusion of copper which results in a material distinct from regular memory foam. For one thing it responds with firming which highly supportive: firm, yet comfortable and soft.

Cooler sleep
Why copper specifically? Copper is highly heat conductive. So heat generated by the body of the user is efficiently dispersed and eliminated away from the sleeper. So the product sleeps much cooler than comparable other brands.

Antimicrobial for healthier sleep
Copper’s natural antimicrobial properties resist the growth of bacteria. It forms a barrier with which your mattress is kept fresh, eliminating micro-organisms that cause odor and an unhealthy sleep environment.

Layla’s clear advantages over other brands
Firstly, Layla mattresses are flippable, so it is as if one is getting two mattresses for the price of one, each of different firmness. Secondly the infusion of Copper Gel, as stated above, results in a highly supportive mattress that sleeps much cooler and also cleaner than others.

No questions asked return policy
In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with your new purchase, Layla makes returns simple and painless. Yo would simply email the company and your return would be arranged. Layla has the item picked up just as it is, so that you do not have to save the box and packaging materials it originally came in. Your purchase is fully refunded 100%. Please note however that shipping fees to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada are non-refundable.

Average Queen Price: $950

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