Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Review: Buy Online!

Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1995, John and Rob Merwin began as liquidators, but over time, decided to explore the construction of mattresses themselves. They took to visiting factories to learn how to build a better mattress from start to finish. Eventually, online commerce brought the Merwin brothers onto the national scene. John proceeded to selling mattresses on Amazon. Success was so large that he quickly converted to selling direct as This Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Review takes a look at a specific popular model from this manufacturer.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Properties

Overview – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

  • A 1.5” top layer of proprietary CopperFlex™ foam offers more responsive contouring with excellent pressure point relief together with the antimicrobial properties of copper.
  • A PCM surface infusion of TitanCool™ keeps the sleeper’s skin temperature at an ideal 88 degrees throughout the night.
  • The most advanced fabric available delivers TitanCool™ effects on contact.
  • A second 2” layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam gives comfort that is like sleeping on a cloud. Immediate response technology adjusts to your body whenever you move.
  • A third 1” Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer offers superior contouring and more thorough compression support.
  • An 8” base of up to 1,032 individually encased Ascension X™ coils offers excellent pressure point relief. It also resists motion transfer between sleep partners.
  • A 1” high density foam base. this gives support and durability to the mattress and additionally reinforces the individually encased coils when they compress.
  • Three levels of firmness are on offer. This allows you to decide the level of support that works best for you.
  • Delivered to you in a box that allows for easy movement from your doorstep to your bedroom.
  • All mattresses are made in the U.S.A. and come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Also comes with a favorable 120-night risk free trial.
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress manufacturer that actually manufactures its own items. This contributes to affordability as well as quality. The company builds and then sells mattresses direct for a fraction of the price of the biggest brands. If you’re wondering how queen size memory foam mattress offers from other manufacturers compare to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, see the featured selection on our homepage.

Four Month Trial
The company has great confidence in its products. It backs this up with a generous trial period of 120 nights! They do require that you test your new purchase for at least 30 days from the date of delivery. This gives you plenty of time to properly adjust to and test the new materials. The trial date begins when you receive your mattress and can only be used once by each customer during a calendar year.

10 Year Warranty
Every Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, whether purchased in a Brooklyn Bedding store or online at comes with a full 10-year hassle free warranty. This covers any defects or body impressions that measure 1″ or more. Additionally, pillows comes with a 3-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material. Sheets, in turn, come with a 1-year full replacement warranty that as well covers any defects in the material.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Layers
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Layers

Brooklyn Bed Aurora Mattress Layers

  • Premium smooth top weave
  • 1.5″ CopperFlex with proprietary TitanWeave
  • 2 inch proprietary TitanFlex Layer
  • 1″ Swirl Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • 8″ Individually encased Ascension Coils
  • 1″ Base Support Memory Foam
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Angled View
Brooklyn Aurora Angled View
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The Aurora is a hybrid. Click to learn more about What is a Hybrid Mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding does not use chemical fire sprays nor any chemical retardants in its mattresses. Instead, they use high quality fire retardant socks. This is a fabric made of a non-woven silica/rayon/polyester/cotton blend.

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If you’re wondering how queen size memory foam mattress offers from other manufacturers compare to the Brooklyn Aurora mattress, see the featured selections on our homepage.