Gel Memory Foam Mattress Queen

Although they are now the most popular sleep option on the market, memory foam mattresses have produced a number of complaints from users over the years. One of these is that they tend to retain heat, so that a user may experience discomfort and sweating overnight. Manufacturers have tried a number of solutions to this problem. One is to use foam with an open cell structure, which allows for greater aeration and thereby, the distribution and elimination of heat. Another is the infusion of gel beads into foam. Gel memory foam mattress queen size models are easy to find. Let’s compare their benefits and price ranges.

Types of Gel Memory Foam

There are broadly two types of gel used to enhance memory foam mattresses. Both are designed to produce a cooling effect in the material. An added plus is that gel will also increase the density of a mattress, offering better support. The first, simpler type of gel absorbs heat to produce a cooling effect to the touch. The absorbed energy is then distributed throughout the mattress and then outward. The second type of gel is chemically specific and will absorb heat to transform its state. So the absorption occurs at specific temperature ranges of the state changes. The heat here is also distributed, via the open cell structure, and eliminated from the bed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gel Memory Foam

As mentioned previously, the infusion of gel beads into foam ads tot he density of the material. It produces a robust, firm mattress which much more readily springs back into its original shape after distortion. This is desirable for many consumers. The firmness, combined with memory foams excellent ability to distribute weight burden affords sturdy, comfortable support.

One disadvantage that sometimes results however, is that the gel beads may compromise the durability of the foam. Over time, the material may break down over the interaction of the two different types of component materials. It is important to check reviews of a particular brand before making your purchase.

Gel Memory Foam Queen Size: Prices

Gel queen size memory foam mattress prices are quite higher than those of regular mattresses. Click here if you are looking to purchase a queen size mattress only Looking for a smaller option? Go to our section on Twin Mattress Delivery.

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