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Idle Sleep is a direct-to-consumer bedding company, part of the parent company Idle Group. This Idle Hybrid Mattress Review takes a look at the company and one of its most popular products.

Idle is a relatively new mattress and bedding manufacturer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company produces a selection of double-sided mattresses unique from other manufacturers. They add a second side to their products, use high quality materials and have settled on an ideal thickness of 14 inches. This is a superior brand with an exceptional warranty term.

Having a two sided bed allows you to spin over and flip the bed. The advantage of this is that mattresses break down over time so being able to flip the bed over lets you wear down the foams in the bed more evenly over time. This extends the life of the mattress. Most companies do not offer this feature since there is an additional cost to having the extra side. Idle has however gone the extra mile and they’ve done it and all for a comparable price to other one-sided brands.. The company produces five different models. This Idle Hybrid Mattress Review page focuses on one of its most popular variants

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Ideal Sleep Mattress Overview

Overview – The Idle

  • Firmness choices – Medium, Luxury Firm
  • Height – 14 Inch
  • Support materials – 2″ IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam
  • Sustainability CertiPUR-US® certifed foam. No toxins
  • Two Sided – Yes
  • Queen Size memory Foam Mattress Price – $1420
Idle Hybrid Mattress
Idle Hybrid Mattress

A Hybrid Mattress Like No Other
This variant is composed of a revolutionary Buoyancy Foam which -as the manufacturer explains- has 400% more support than standard memory foam. There is an extraordinarily robust level of support from 1,000 smart support coils in the spring coil layer, vs the typical 300 springs in comparable brands.

Two Sides For the Price of One
Two sided mattresses used to be common in the industry. Over time manufacturers decided to double their profit margins by essentially halving beds to a single side. Idle Sleep has decided to bring the old, consumer-conscious trend back. Just flip your Idle to up to double the life span of your bed!

Industry Leading 18-Month Trial
You can test the Idle Hybrid Mattress in your home with the longest 100% risk free sleep trial found anywhere.

Warranty Without End
Idle , as with many other high quality brands offers a lifetime warranty which covers a range of possible problems and even covers body impressions.

Easy & Free Returns
If you eventually decide not to keep the product, returns are easy and free. No questions asked.

Idle Hybrid Mattress Layers
Idle Hybrid Mattress Layers

Idle Hybrid Mattress Layers

  • COVER – Thermocool™ – A material designed to work with the body’s natural thermal properties. It warms you up when you are cold and cools you down when you feel hot.
  • A NATURAL FIRE RESISTANT BARRIER – No Petroleum-Based materials such as Synthetic Nylon or Polyester. Entirely free of harmful, Carcinogenic Chemicals, Gases, Toxins, HCN, HCI, and Bromine.
  • WHERE THE COMFORT BEGINS – 1″ of IDLE contouring foam is integrated into the cover. This offers additional softness & comfort.
  • WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS – 2″ of IDLE’s own proprietary Cooling Buoyancy Foam. This custom blended foam reacts and responds more quickly than standard memory foam. It gives superior support with up to 4x better pressure relief. It also sleeps cooler.
  • SUPPORT LAYER – 1″ of a Supportive Transition Foam Layer
  • 6″ QUANTUM EDGE-TO-EDGE POCKETED COILS – As noted above, these coils give superior support throughout the bed and reduce motion transfer energy so as to minimize the disturbance of movement from your sleep partner.
  • CARRY HANDLES AND DOUBLE SIDED – Convenient for easy handling. IDLE Mattresses are 2 sided so whenever you flip it over, you have the same layer on the other side.

Idle Hybrid Mattress Advantages

Has everything you loved about your foam mattress…

Little to no motion transfer. No rocking.
Conforms to your body for superior pressure relief. No feeling achy or soreness in your neck, shoulders, or other joints.
Just the right amount of softness combined with firmness.

Without the things that made you want to burn your “old-school” memory foam..

The feeling of sinking as if sleeping in a dugout trench.
That uncomfortable “slowly roasting in an oven” feeling.
The “having to come to a fully awake” whenever you try to roll over because of the amount of energy needed to lift yourself out of the hole you’ve sunken into.

PLUS all the best things about traditional coils..

Excellent, strong support all over, regardless of your body shape.
Great support at the edges so you can sit or lie right at the very edge while getting good support.
Allows for a range of sleep positions. Most people have a preferred sleep position, but most also change positions throughout the night.

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Idle Sleep Mattress FAQ

Do Idle mattresses have off gassing?
The Idle Sleep Mattress has typically no off gassing.

What if I don’t like my Idle Mattress?
You are offered 18 Months to decide if this model is right for you. If you do not like Idle you will be refunded all of your money and a return or donation of the mattress will be arranged.

What is the 18 month sleep trial?
If at anytime within the 18 month trial you decide your Idle Mattress is not the right product for you, the company will coordinate a return or donation and refund 100% of your purchase price.

Does Idle sleep hot?
Idle sleeps at an ideal temperature, adjusting to sleep cool when you are warm conversely, to sleep warm when you are cool.

What is Idle’s Lifetime Warranty Without EndTM?
In the event that your Idle mattress breaks down or develops impressions over time from wear, the manufacturer will repair or replace it free of charge.

Idle Hybrid Mattress Review

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