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Idle is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Idol Mattress. This is understandable since the brand is a relatively new product on the market. The parent company of Idle Sleep is Idle Group LLC. This company also owns brands such as Mend Sleep and Haven. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado this manufacturer produces a selection of double-sided mattresses which have rapidly gained popularity. Reviews of the products are uniformly positive. Of particular note is the choice of restoring previously common feature of mattresses: Having two usable sides.

As little as just over a decade ago the idea of a two-sided mattresses was accepted as the norm. These were available in practically any mattress store you visited. Over time, manufacturers decided to favor single sided products. These were less expensive and had the added benefit of allowing companies to promote their brands based on the features of only one single side. Idle Sleep bucked this trend and made a point to put consumers first. Each so-called Idol Mattress has two similar comfort structures – one on each side – as well as a support core common to them. there are five different models in production at this time.

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Idol Mattress (Idle Sleep Mattress) Overview

Overview – The Idle

  • Firmness choices – Medium
  • Height – 12 Inch
  • Support materials – Aircell gel memory foam
  • Sustainability – CertiPUR-US® certifed foam. Includes no toxins
  • Is it Two Sided – No
  • Queen Size memory Foam Mattress Price – $749
Idol Mattress
Idle Sleep Mattress

A revolution in memory foam
This model is produced with a different kind of memory foam. This means that there are no sink holes and you do not experience night time sweats. Excellent foam comfort, and comes with its own unique quality and gel cooling layers. Performance is top notch and this is obtained without compromising value.

Peerless Plushness
Several mattress brands only offer 10 inches of support. The Idle takes things to the next level by offering a minimum of 12 inches across the entire memory foam range of products. This gives a level of comfort and feeling of plushness not available from so many other manufacturers. One gets the feeling of floating on clouds.

Comfort by Nature
The mattress has the property of feeling nice on the skin. This is acheved through the use of Tier-1 450GSM+ fibre coverings which are placed on a higher weighted and quality foam material. This is unlike other manufacturers who would rather make excessive profits by using lower grade textile substitutes that are uncomfortable to the skin.

Lengthy 18-Month Trial
Difficult to believe, but You can trial your new Idle mattress at home with the world’s longest risk free sleep trial. Yes, an entire year and a half! This length for a trial is unprecedented.

Warranty Without End
Idle, as is competitive with many of the high quality brands offers a lifetime warranty. With this producer, even body impressions are covered.

Easy & Free Returns
For this reason, you can make a purchase with confidence knowing that in case things don’t work out, returns are allowed easily and without charge. No questions asked.

Idle additionally adds extra durability to its line by using a 2.4lb base as opposed to the industry standard of 1.8lb.

Idle Sleep Mattress Layers
Idle Sleep Mattress Layers
Idle Sleep Mattress Corner
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Idle Sleep Mattress Frequently Asked Questions

Do Idle mattresses have off gassing?
The Idle Sleep Mattress has typically no off gassing.

What if I don’t like my Idle Mattress?
If you do not like Idle you will be refunded all of your money and a return or donation of the mattress will be arranged.

What is the 18 month sleep trial?
If at anytime within the 18 month trial you decide it is not quite the right product you need, the company will coordinate a return or donation and refund 100% of your purchase price.

Does Idle sleep hot?
Idle sleeps at an ideal temperature. The material adjusts to sleep cool when you are warm. Conversely, it sleeps warm when you are cool.

Lifetime Warranty Without EndTM
An industry standard which protects you from any and all manufacturing or material related problems or defects. In the event that your Idle mattress breaks down or develops impressions over time, the manufacturer will repair or replace it free of charge.

Idle Sleep Mattress Reviews

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