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Keetsa Mattress began as a manufacturer circa 2004, being one of the early pioneers of mattress-in-a-box technology which has now become an industry standard. A way to save money on shipping and packaging of products. When the company found very little interest -from big box retailers- for its new technology, it decided to become a retailer as well. This followed a period of research where Keetsa mattress reviews of the marketplace concluded, to their disappointment, that most of the larger furniture stores provided a very poor customer experience, focused on impersonal sales pitches and company business-drivers, rather than on the customer experience.

In 2007, Keetsa opened its first retail establishment on 9th Street, in San Francisco. With the ensuing success, two more stores were subsequently opened in California (Berkeley and Venice Beach) and one in New York City (Soho). The focus on meeting the needs of each specific customer has led to consistent, organic growth through word of mouth and repeat customers. Keetsa mattress reviews are universally positive. As important as the quality of products the company offers is the price points of these. The company has created a line of affordable offers highly competitive in a vibrant market.

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Keetsa Mattress Reviews: The Models

Keetsa offers six models in three mattress types: Coil, Memory Foam and Hybrid, with two models in each type.

iCoil® Mattresses

The Keetsa Plus® – A coil spring mattress with two layers of propriety foam. This firm mattress is the lowest priced option with prices beginning at $490.00

keetsa plus mattress

The Keetsa Pillow Plus® – Also with two layers of body-responsive foam, this is a medium firm mattress with prices starting at $590.00

keetsa pillow plus mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses

The Keetsa Cloud® – A firm mattress featuring 2.5 inches of proprietary memory foam over a supportive base. Memory foam offers body contouring support while reducing excess motion. From $590.00

keetsa cloud mattress

Tea Leaf Supreme® -A soft, coil-free memory foam mattress with four inches of the company’s proprietary BioFoam® over a firm, supportive base. Prices begin at $990.00

keetsa tea leaf supreme mattress

Hybrid Mattresses

Tea Leaf Classic® – A firm coil mattress topped with five inches of two types of memory foam: BioFoam® and Pressure Relief Foam®. From $ 990.00

keetsa tea leaf classic mattress

Tea Leaf Dream® – Hybrid mattresses combine the best elements of coil and memory foam. This model features coil topped with six inches of two types of memory foam: BioFoam® and Pressure Relief Foam®. From $ 2,390.00

keetsa tea leaf dream mattress

Keetsa Mattress Components

Keetsa mattresses are made up of layers of proprietary products the company has developed over time these are:

keetsa iCoil mattress layers

keetsa foam mattress layers

Hemp Blend Cover — A durable fabric certified by Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® as safe for contact with the skin.
Fire Barrier — Composed of Cotton fabric that has been treated for fire safety. It is manufactured to include no harmful substances.
Fiber Padding — Made up of the product Fiberfill. It dissipates moisture and supports air flow, keeping you cooler.
BioFoam® — A unique memory foam which conforms comfortably to body shape and regulates temperature.
Comfort Foam® — Made up of three layers of highly responsive foam to eliminate pressure points.
High Density Foam — A standard supportive foam layer. It has excellent recovery and durability.
iCoil® — Individually wrapped coils offer balanced support by evenly distributing weight and motion; coils also provide aeration which prevents heat gathering within the mattress.

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FTC Compliance Notice: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with companies mentioned on these pages. We may earn money from the companies mentioned here.

Financing Your Purchase

Keetsa offers third party financing of your purchase through Affirm. During your purchase checkout, you are given the option to “Pay with Affirm”. Here, you provide standard information and are given a real-time credit decision. From here, you can split the purchase price of your mattress into monthly payments at 0% APR for a term of 3, 6, or 12 months. You are able to then pay your monthly bill using a check, debit card, or bank transfer. It is quite simple to purchase mattress sets through this.

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