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Layla Sleep inc was founded in 2016 in New Haven Connecticut. Since then it has become one of the most well loved brands in a highly competitive market. The company’s philosophy is simple: create a healthy affordable high quality product that is suitable for a variety of consumers including those with different preferences. Layla mattress reviews are uniformly positive, with the company’s main product, the Layla Memory Foam Mattress consistently rated as one of the top products available by several well regarded industry authorities.

Layla Sleep Double Sided Mattress

Layla has devised a unique answer to the problem of consumers needing to opt of either a soft or a firm support. The mattress is effectively a two-in-one product. It has both a firm side and a soft side. In essence, it is two mattresses combined into one. You simply flip it so the preferred side is on top. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, the soft side is rated at a 4.5 while the firm side comes in at a 7.

Layla Mattress Construction Materials

One of the main features of the component materials of this product is the use of copper infused memory foam. This is for three main reasons:

1 Coolness: copper is one of the most highly conductive metals on earth. It absorbs heat and transfers it so that it is disseminated throughout the rest of the mattress and eliminated out of it. This provides comfortable, peaceful sleep without the heat retention problems that are common to many memory foam brands.

2 Good Support: Copper foam also provides robust, sturdy layers which well counter the weight of the user and offer good durability.

3 Anti-microbial Properties: Copper infusion is also effective against bacteria and ideal for long, sustained product use.

Another other component material is HD Poly Foam, common in many such mattresses. many Layla mattress reviews from respectable publications confirm the three properties above.

Layla Mattress Layers

A look at the component layers of the Layla mattress with the assumption that the soft side is on top:

Thermogel Infused Cover – Soft Side: This layer produces a cooling effect by being activated by rising temparatures

Copper-Gel Infused Memory Foam: 3 inches thick and providing soft support with cooling properties and the anti-microbial benefits of copper.

Convoluted Foam Middle Layer: 2 inches thick and designed to circulate air throughout the mattress thereby enhancing the cooling effect.

Support Foam Layer: 4.5 inches of high quality foam in the middle of the mattress supplies excellent motion control and minimal bounce.

Copper Gel Infused memory Foam: A 1 inch thick layer for support and anti-microbial action. This layer also provides rapid cooling.

Thermogel Infused Cover – Firm Side: As with the top layer, this cover is designed to activate when body heat raises temperatures to a certain level. It provides an immediate cooling effect.

Overall Thickness: 10 inches.

Layla Sleep Warranty and Return Privileges

The company offers a 120 night trial for this product. The trial period begins when you receive the mattress. If you decide not to keep the mattress, Layla Sleep will arrange to have you donate the item to a local charity (rather than have it physically returned). Once you send in a receipt as proof of your donation, the company promises to refund you in full back to your method of payment.

You are also offered a Lifetime Warranty. According to the company, the warranty covers sagging of more than 1”, loss of shape, splitting or cracking of the foam, and loss of mattress height. The warranty is non-transferable, so it is only offered to the original purchaser of the product.

Layla Mattress Price

The Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress from Layla Sleep is priced at $999.00, however, the manufacturer is offering a discounted price of $874.00 at present, which is quite low for a luxury brand in this size.

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