What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Mattress manufacturing technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two decades? Most people are aware what a memory foam or coil innerspring product is. But exactly what is a hybrid mattress and why would one opt for one over other types? It tuns out that there are unique advantages to having a product that combines the best characteristics of memory foam and coils.

For a number of years, a new type of mattress has been making news that utilizes traditional mattress design and the latest technology. The “hybrid” mattress is the perfect combination of old and modern technology to create a phenomenal product. Several major manufacturers now produce hybrids. These include Saatva, Avocado and Winkbed.

History of Hybrid mattresses

Memory foam was introduced in the 1970s by scientists in NASA. This happened when they were working on a product that would offer better cushioning and comfort. It kept satisfying customers until the last decade when hybrid mattresses entered the market with a bang.

Hybrid mattresses were first introduced in 2008. The product came up due to multiple complaints from customers who weren’t satisfied with coils and foam systems in the mattresses.

The public demanded something better that would promise smooth, uninterrupted sleep. That’s when hybrid mattresses came and changed the game. They’ve been around for a decade, and we’ve seen more innovations lately.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is called so because it combines multiple layers like memory foam, latex, and gel along with a spring system. If you want to enjoy the comfort of sleeping with the best combination of foam and springs, this is the best buy for you.

What’s inside the hybrid mattress?

Hybrid beds are composed of multiple layers. Here is a quick review of these layers to understand the concept better.

Comfort layer

It is the fluffy top layer on which you lie down. It offers almost 3 inches of padding materials like memory foam or cooling gel. This layer contours accordingly to provide cushioning to the body.

Transition layer

Next, we have the middle layer. Most of the magic happens here. This layer extends to 7 inches; it is composed of pocketed coil system to enhance spine alignment.

Bottom layer

Also known as the base layer, this 2-inch layer offers the required strength and stability to the mattress. It is usually made of memory foam.

What’s the hype about? Let’s dive into the benefits to see if it’s worth buying or not.

Benefits of Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses offer so many benefits. They are super comfortable and provide pain relief. Keep reading to unwind more benefits.
Do you wish to feel like sleeping on a cloud?

Provide amazing comfort

When we talk about comfort, hybrid mattresses come in the top names. The foam layer adjusts well to your body shape and gives you a luxurious feel. Moreover, the pocket springs attached under the foam layer add a bing of comfort. Once you get your hands on a hybrid mattress, it isn’t easy to choose another one.

Offers relief from pain

Nothing can serve you better than a hybrid actress if you suffer from backache or joint pain. They are designed to offer pressure relief. The superb foam and spring setup combination keeps pain and body aches away.
Imagine jumping in bed after a long tiring day and feeling at peace. Well, that is possible if you buy a hybrid mattress and say bye to everyday aches.

Choose the right firmness

When buying hybrid mattresses, you have a lot of choices. They have different firmness options. You can choose from soft, medium, medium-firm and healthy options depending on the comfort level you are looking for.

Offers the best support

Hybrid mattresses have a huge number of pocket springs. The whole network provides fantastic support to all parts of the body. Pocket springs are designed to provide different densities of support to each body part. All in all, you get a peaceful sleep.

Offers cooling effect

There are many models of hybrid mattresses available in the market. Some offer a cooling effect by featuring cooling gel or breathable mattress covers.
These mattresses utilize the airflow offered by the cooling properties. The latest trend is gel-infused memory foam. This regulates your body temperature while sleeping so your body stays cool and you sleep well.

Easy installation

Everyone loves home stuff that offers easy installation. Hybrid mattresses usually come in a box and are easy to install. You can even use them in a small room because they come in all sizes.

You can get a trial

What’s the best part. You can buy hybrid mattresses and test them for a few days. If you don’t like it, you can exchange it for another mattress. What else do you want? This option works when you are confused about choosing a mattress.
Don’t feel bad if you have to return a mattress that doesn’t feel right. You have to spend a huge part of your life sleeping on it, so comfort and satisfaction come first.

Suits all sleeping positions

A hybrid mattress is suitable for everyone whether you sleep on the side, front, or back. The foam layers provide comfort if you choose the side position, whereas the springs offer needed support while you rest.

Eco-friendly options

When we are switching to eco-friendly alternatives, hybrids jump into the trend. Some models utilize green technology to save the planet.
So, if you want to join the cause to save the planet, investing in a hybrid mattress is a good idea.

Hybrid mattresses are long-lasting

The coils are made up of a durable material, which adds years to the life of a bed. However, this quality of hybrid mattresses justifies the higher price than other types. Traditional mattresses are more prone to damage, whereas hybrids are the safest bet.

Disadvantages of Hybrid mattresses

Now that you have read the advantages, take a look on the disadvantages of hybrid mattresses as well.

They are heavy
Compared to foam mattresses, hybrids are on the heavier side. This means it is difficult to move them or switch the sides.

Give off Chemical Odor
Some hybrid models have a distinct odor. This is usually off-gassing, the common smell of chemicals in new carpets or memory foam. This smell usually goes away in a few days.

Retain heat
When we sleep, our body releases heat as a part of biological processes. The memory foam captures the warmth and makes you feel hot. So, if your body temperature is high, you could be offended by the heat retention and have disturbed sleep.
If you have this issue, make sure to buy a mattress with cooling technology.

They are expensive
A hybrid mattress is expensive as compared to other mattresses. So it might not suit someone with a tight budget. However, if you weigh the benefits, the price tag is worth the comfort. Alternatively, you can buy a memory foam mattress here. Or for example, see what the best queen mattress under $1000 options are.

Has longer break-in period
Break-in times are different for all types of mattresses. Hybrids have a comparatively lengthy break-in period than other mattresses.


All in all, hybrid mattresses are a gift for many people. They combine of comfort features of mattress foams with the coil systems of the springs to offer exceptional comfort. It’s like you get to enjoy the goodness of both worlds.
The pressure relief qualities, combined with temperature regulation and support, are an unmatched combination. So, the hype is worth it.
So, if you love to have a peaceful sleep, get a hybrid mattress soon and live in peace.


How much do hybrid mattresses cost?
On average, hybrid mattresses range from $1000 to $2000. Depending on the designs, you can choose from budget-friendly options as well. However, those with more luxury features come with a heavy price tag.
Many considerations like thickness, construction, and extra features add to the cost. But, you can get excellent prices if you utilize discounts or buy it from a sale.

What is the average lifespan of hybrids?
Hybrid mattresses are pretty durable. If they are correctly maintained, they last up to 6 to 8 years. Comparing them with other mattresses is more durable than spring mattresses. However, latex beds are more durable than hybrids.
The pocketed coil system is the main reason for the increased durability of hybrid mattresses. However, the life of hybrid mattresses also depends on the weight of people using them.

Do I flip the mattress?
No, hybrid mattresses are not meant to be flipped. They have distinct layers, so you can only use them on one side. However, you can rotate it regularly.
Also, clean them regularly to maintain their quality and lifespan.

Are hybrid mattresses good for back pain?
Yes, hybrid mattresses are recommended for people suffering from back pain. The individual support of pocket springs provides top-class spiel alignment.
It is explicitly designed so that each pocket spring works according to your body shape and weight. This means it offers lessor more support, according to the body part. Extreme comfort care provides relief from back pain and body aches.
However, if you suffer from advanced-stage body pains, follow the orthopedics advice to buy a mattress suited to your needs.

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